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Full Name: Dave Scales

Date: 30 December 2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Here's wishing all Rhodesian SAS guys & families a very "Happy New Year" for 2012.
May it be filled with good health, some wealth and a huge amount of happiness. Great to attend the 50th in November and look forward to the 51st.
Cheers - Dave

Full Name: graham

Date: 28/12/2011

Ex Member: yes

Message: Great to see association doing so well i intend to get over in 2012 all going well keep up the good work

yours aye

Full Name: Chenai Magumbo

Date: 28/12/2011

Ex Member: No

Message: Just interested in military history of my country of bith.

Full Name: Peter-John Venter

Date: 2011/12/27

Ex Member: No

Message: I am married to a girl that were born in Rhodesia, her Dad was a Sargent Major in the Rhodesian army.

Full Name: John Callegari

Date: 25th December, 2011

Ex Member: No

Message: Ex 3 Sqn SASR, Australia 1971-1973.
Served with an ex Rhodesian SAS member "Pip" Eloy, but saw no sign of him in your nominal roll.

Best wishes.

Full Name: Sqn Ldr (Rtd) Ed Potterton

Date: 14 Dec 2011

Ex Member: NO

Message: Ex air Force, 1967 to 1980.
OC 7 Squadron, at the end.
I enjoyed spending some time looking over your Roll of Honour, and your Honours and Awards.

Full Name: Iain Scott Bowen

Date: 10.12.2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Just checked out the photo's from the 2011 reunion. Realy great. Good to see so many of the guys in the pics. Sorry I couldn't make it but just not possible this year. Regards to all you great people out there.


Full Name: Ian Mackenzie

Date: 08/12/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Brilliantly put together. Congratulations to all involved

Full Name: Trenton

Date: 2011/12/06

Ex Member: no

Message: my dad was a member of the RLI he told me so many storys i fell i was part of that war

Full Name: Sverre James (Jim) Wichstrom

Date: 2 Dec 2011

Ex Member: No

Message: Hugh Matthew, 'Hughie' to me 'Matt' to him White was with me in SADF 1 Para Trng Centrum Tempe in October 1966 and was returned to unit because of bias by a PF member. He moved to Rhodesia in +- 1976/7 and got a job farming with his girl friend's folks. He was called up for military duty and joined SAS. He died when he was shot (with an RPG7 I heard) while escourting the farm workers to their protected villiage. Great guy, great voluntary surf lifesaver sweeping the Durban Surf crashboat, great mate who's only ambition was to till the soil and certainly not to fight with black folk. Life goes on; rest in peace my mate.

Full Name: Allan Hider

Date: 27 November 2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Seen a message from Andy Johnson looking for Cape Town resident ex C Sqn members - can you forward me his email address so we can get the guys together for a few drinks? (or forward mine to him)

Site is great - just got back from the 50th - not been to one yet due to business commitments but really worth it and good to see the old brothers in arms - even after 30 years. Thanks in anticipation.

Full Name: Trooper

Date: 13/11/11

Ex Member: No

Message: I'm a serving Trooper in A Sqn, 21 SASR (Regents Park). Badged in 1989, formerly regular C/Sgt in 2 Queen's. My father in law was a Sgt in G Sqn 22 SAS during Falklands. I have read a few books documenting the work of C Sqn. This is a fantastic website and a just tribute to a regiment of the elite SAS family. Pity what has become of that lovely country since the fall of the white regime there. The locals have suffered terribly too. The former Bread Basket of Africa is now THE poorest country on earth. It's a great pity that the terrorists were allowed to take over and plunder the countries assets.

Full Name: Allan Hider

Date: 9th November 2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Just back from 2011 - the 50th C Sqdn formation - reunion - the first I have attended - mind blowing to see (after closure of unit in 1980) how many of the family and related services and family members attend - not to mention the ceremony at the Plinth with the pipes and all. And comrades in arms unseen for 30 years popped out the woodwork (along with me!) thanks for this stunning website - it is great.

Full Name: Pete Le Roux

Date: 8 Nov 2011

Ex Member: yes

Message: Hi guys
Congrats on a great website and looking forward to the pics of the Reunion...50 years!!! Time flies when you are having fun!!
Any of yopu passing this way stop in for a cold beer...anytime

Full Name: Trevor Palmer

Date: 7.11.2011

Ex Member: no

Message: great web site

Full Name: JM (Jon) Caffin

Date: 08 10 2011

Ex Member:

Message: Attended the RLI 50th Anniversary celebration in the UK (London & Hatfield) on 24 Sept
Met up with Garth Barrett, Mike Rich, Paul French,Paul Furstenberg, Roger England, John McKay and some others. Looking forward to our own November celebration.

Full Name: Tony Knight

Date: Sept 12, 2011

Ex Member: No

Message: I am responding to two submissions by Cecil Fraser regarding the first selection course in the Matopos.
I was in C Company at Heany in 1961 and volunteered for what we thought was the first recruit selection course. Bob Bouch (who was killed in such unfortunate circumstances in 1966) was the NCO in charge of the course.
A group of us passed the course but, prior to para school had to make the decision of signing up full time for the regiment or returning to civilian life. As there was no war at the time we chose the latter.
I ended up back in Salisbury and prior to UDI was working in Zambia. I left in 1965 and now reside in Canada
My congratulations to a justifiably proud organisation and condolences for your losses both during and after the bush war

Full Name: Wayne  Varkevisser

Date: 05 september 2011

Ex Member: No

Message: men of men...who accomplished so much .

Full Name: JM (Jon) Caffin

Date: 26/08/2011

Ex Member: yes

Message: Coming from Support Commando, 1 RLI, I passed the second last SAS selection in 1980 (when the regiment was still "Rhodesian") which enabled me to follow the unit into 6 Recce in Durban, where I then had the honor, pleasure and fun to serve with a great bunch of guys.
Would be pleased to host anyone of you who would be on his way to DisneyWorld (the next best thing after Kabbrit Barracks), even though I keep a limited daily stock of beers these days.
Congratulations for this excellent website

Full Name: Cecil Fraser

Date: 17 August 2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Have enjoyed the website, I am trying to make contact with people on the first selection course and or the first para course.

Full Name: Bryan Carlsson (Pountney)

Date: 2/8/11

Ex Member: Yes

Message: It was great to discover this excellent association web site today. To check out the nominal roll, to find myself remembered and a number of faces and names that I remember. My last contact with anyone was with SSM Stan Standish who visited me in Hampshire, on probably his last visit before he passed away - a great man! I salute all who gave their lives in service and, to all who might just remember me - my best wishes and regards. PS. I saw Danny Hartman's name on the members roll and that brought back the long forgotten memory of a nickname he gave me - sailor. Okay, so we were landlocked, but let us not be picky! Warm regards Bryan

Full Name: Cecil Fraser

Date: 29 July 2011

Ex Member: yes

Message: Anybody who was in the first selection course in 1960 at Matopos, Zimbabwe?
regards, Cecil

Full Name: Louis Botha

Date: 23/7/2011

Ex Member: No

Message: Awesome site, Thanks for letting me check it out.
Cheers Louis

Full Name: Cedric Carr

Date: 20/07/2011

Ex Member: no

Message: when mem were still men.

Full Name: Travis Bryce McIntosh

Date: 14/07/2011

Ex Member:

Message: Father was William Robert McIntosh

Full Name: Paul Barry Campion

Date: 7/7/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Greetings to all ex members

Full Name: Erwin Toseland

Date: 22June,2011

Ex Member: no

Message: A really fist class site. Served in 96 Squadron, RAF Regiment,(MALAYA). I have the greatest respect for all SAS and had some very good friends among 22 SAS. Did any members ever meet a trooper called Gerry Mulcahy?. He broke his back on a Jungle drop and had to be casevaced, sent to UK. After 6 months as a civvy, he re-joined and I met him on para training at No.1 Parachute Training School, RAF Changi. A typical SAS trooper. Once again, a fist class site and a pleasure to browse.

Full Name: Norman Pilossof

Date: 15/06/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Hi to all - This looks like a really great web site. Thanks to all those that have put in the hard work to create it. I will definitely be spending a few hours looking through all the contents.
I look forward to meeting up with a lot of lost friends at the 50th.

Full Name: Eugene Pomeroy

Date: 7 June 2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: I sometimes find it hard to believe that I was ever in Rhodesia, much less a Squadron member. A lot of guys in Squadron probably looked at me and wondered exactly the same thing. In any case, it was an incredible experience with a first class unit and a great little country to fight for. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the good people at Training Troop for making me a better soldier. That would be C/Sgt Nick Breytenbach (who was shorter than me), C/Sgt Kruger (who scared me), Capt. Rob Johnson, who used to say "It is not conducive to longlevity" (which I preferred) when he meant "longevity."  Somehow these guys let me pass Selection and gave us at Intake 160 lots of memories, a few chuckles and no sleep. And whatever happened to Cpl Pat Flannery, the best PTI there was? To RSM "Snake" Allen, who hurt my feelings on more than one occasion and used to cure biltong in his office at Old Cranborne. To Capt. Bob Mackenzie, whose professionalism was legendary. A special mention goes to 'A' Squadron's home away from home on the ant-infested "Russian Front" where I once had to dig a pit for the Squadron stores under the watchful eye of Cpl Imre Baka for some misdemeanor. The memories come tumbling back. So hello to everyone.

Full Name: Pete Maunder

Date: 03/06/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Well done on a great site that brings back memories of a truly wonderful country and friends that I am honoured to have known.
For me it was worth every moment and with a tinge of jealousy I say to those who lost their lives while serving as was said by Rudyard Kipling of Cecil John Rhodes: "They were the land and dead their souls shall be her soul".
I look forward to the developement of this site.

Full Name: John Graham

Date: 21/5/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: D. Quinn was on para course #77 3 - 21 October 1977, can anyone recall his first name, or indeed where he is?

Full Name: John Graham

Date: 16-5-2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Brian Pountney (Carlson) who was on para course 15?

Full Name: Rod Bowden

Date: 14/05/11

Ex Member: No

Message: As a former Warrant Officer from the British Parachute Regiment...You have my deepest respect.

Keep the faith


Full Name: Gerald Moffett

Date: 07 may 2011

Ex Member: No

Message: I did  a few contacts while in selection for c sqn as you know u where always short on staff my heart goes out to my boss at the time Bob Mc kenzie I know he did not like me very much must have been the Irish in me but no one can take it away I did serve God Bless You All

Full Name: Erik Norling

Date: 2.05.2011

Ex Member: No

Message: Just to send my thanks to the creators of this website. It is a real contribution to the memory of all that fougth for Rhodesia.
We have a MilSim (Military Simulation)/Airsoft group here in Spain called SAS Málaga, in memory of the Rhodesian SAS (Even if we recreate Modern warfare).
Best regards,

Full Name: Carl Schmidt

Date: 28/04/2011

Ex Member: no

Message: Hi all, great site.
My cousin J. H. Fritz was in the SAS and I am in contact with him should any of you guys would like to contact him.

Full Name: phil bourne

Date: 1700411

Ex Member: no

Message: very interesting web site.

Full Name: Charles Winton

Date: 12 April 2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: I am very impressed with the new site, just by going through the
content one can see that a lot of hard work and effort was generated in developing the site, Congradulations to all involved!

I will definitely be attending the 50th anniversary and will be looking forward to be meeting up again with so many old friends, it's been a long time!

See you all in November 2011.

Full Name: Michael Hummel

Date: 05/04/2011

Ex Member: No

Message: Fantastic website for the best of the best.

Born Salisbury '69 and sadly too young to serve my country. Dad did his bit though.  To my heroes the Rhodesian SAS, you will live forever.

The circle always turn, and those that brought our country down will face their dues in this life or the next.

Great tribute to Great Men.

Full Name: Gerry McGahan

Date: April 1, 2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Hi Guys, Great website. Like the new layout and everything. Wonder if it is being used to it's full potential. Bill Toughy (Sp) get in comms

Full Name: Peter Bird

Date: 19 th March 2011

Ex Member: No

Message: Wonderful informational website. Congratulations to all involved and mostly to those whom served the country.

Cheers, Peter
RRR - 1963

Full Name: Rainer G. Kassner

Date: 09-03-2011

Ex Member: No

Message: I highly admire the corps spirit of the former Rhodesian SAS.
After reading several books about the Rhodesian SAS I am
sure that the performance of this unit was state of the art.

I had the luck while travelling to South Africa to meet people who
were able to tell me more about the Rhodesian SAS and to
introduce to me to some of the special characteristica of this

Meanwhile I am proud to have an original Rhodesian SAS wing
and a troopers beret in my home. All items are being kept
at special display locations in my home.

My best wishes for the personal wellbeing of all former
members of the Rhodesian Special Air Service.

Greetings from Germany.

Full Name: Bill Moylan

Date: 05-04-2011

Ex Member: No

Message: I was in training troop RLI and remember cpl kruger (then 1974) and the tough as nails sgt Botha (1974). I had wanted to join but was a TA and had an apprenticeship to complete. The finest soldiers who fought for the finest and most beauiful country and people.

Full Name: Rob Picton

Date: 24th February 2011

Ex Member: No

Message: You guys were the elite, which I knew at the time, but have only recently read about just what it was you did during the bush war. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
I lived in Rhodesia 1973 - 1977 (boarded at Falcon College from Malawi, '69 - 72), and served in Intaf for National Service 1975, Mudzi District. 
The following caught my eye in the local press recently - included for info should anyone have known David Collins.

Full Name: Andy Johnston

Date: 21/02/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Great to see the site up & running, well done to all.
Please advise details regards to 50th (no not my birthday the anniversary) as I would really like to be there.
 Is there an association branch in SlaapStat?


Full Name: BushrangerCZ

Date: 15/02/2011

Ex Member: No

Message: Hello guys,
I am currently serving man, and I just want to say that you all have my utmost respect. Job well done.

Full Name: Kenee

Date: 3 Feb 2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: U guys have done a good job on this website.  It was great to go thru the pics and messages.  I have many vivid memories of my time with the unit in the 70's and this site and the contents brought back many more. Stay strong and have a gr8 2011.

Full Name: danny barry

Date: 2 february 2011

Ex Member: No

Message: just to say that though rhodesia is no more,memebers of the rhodesian forces will never be forgotten,many people lost their lives but in my eyes they are heroes,again thank you,rhodesians never die

Full Name: John Riddick

Date: 1/2/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Thanks for all the memories, good and sad, but still living our dreams.
May you all have a fantastic year and a 50th to remember
John, aka Starlight

Full Name: Colin Riddell

Date: 25/01/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: All Previous Msgs say it!! Brilliant site!! Keep It Up!!

The reunion was Awesome! and have started to convince All the Guy's left here to come down to this years 50th. Have one deff already!! Dave H. says it All about the reunion, well done! and great to see old faces! and not forgetting the "KIng"!!


Full Name: Tinus de Clercq

Date: 23/01/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Great website guys worth waiting for

Full Name: Steven Victor

Date: 20/01/11

Ex Member: No

Message: The Rhodesian SAS, in my eyes was the best Special Forces unit the world ever saw(and will ever see). As a keen reader of Rhodesian and South African military history you guys Dared and you WON!

My mom was born in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (Northern Rhodesia), and has many friends who are Rhodesians from Southern Rhodesia.

Her one friend is the sister of Lt Nigel Theron, BCR (Rhodesian SAS) killed in a land mine explosion on 20 Feb 1978.

As a laaitie born MANY years too late I can only wish to have served in your ranks all those many years ago. 

Hopefully off to the British Paras after the studies.


Full Name: Corrie Oberholzer

Date: 12/01/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Please advise what functions are being planned for the upcoming Regimental 50th. anniversary, when and where?   

Regards .

Full Name: Ursula  Tucker

Date: 01/07/2011

Ex Member: No

Message: we lived in that beautiful country for over 30 years and loved it. My husband use to work at the airport and looked after the aircrafts.

Thank you all

Full Name: tom duggan

Date: 07/01/11

Ex Member: No

Message: dear all ,
just to say how much of an improvment the new web site is on  the old , I am in africa filming in 2012 a documentry on wilfred thesigers diary, revisting the places he visited in 1930 -34 he served in sas and soe in ww11 does Csqn have any one members who have knowledge of the Danakil desert in Ethiopia or have lived in that area , any help would be great,
regards Tom 
best wishes and kindest regards  keep up the good work 

Full Name: Darrell Watt

Date: 06/01/2011

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Congradulations on a good web site.

Full Name: Ian Mackenzie

Date: 2011/01/06

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Congratulations to all involved in the creation of this site. Brilliant!! 
Best wishes to all members, may 2011 be the one you've been waiting for.

Full Name: Charles Anthony Norris

Date: 5/01/2011

Ex Member: No

Message: I served with 1 RLI and had the privilege of working with you on occasion. Chimoio 1 was the one OP and I was also at Tepid.
You guys were awesome. I knew Amie Amos, Johnny Haines 'Tits',
Rob Holmes ( My Cousin) Nico Breytenbach and others. You guys never bragged; just got on with it.

Full Name: Tom Cumming

Date: 5/1/11

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Excellent website

Full Name: Paul Furstenburg

Date: 2.1.11

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Glad to have found this site to see names and faces from a great time in the past living in Israel. My door is always open wishing you the very best for 2011 regards Paul Furstenburg

Full Name: Nick Carter

Date: 30th December 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Congratulations on putting this site together. It's very good.

Full Name: Iain Scott Bowen

Date: 22.12.2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: To one and all, comrades and family

I would like to wish you all a very merry X-mas and have a fantastic new year.

Iain and Vera.

Full Name: Bruce Fraser

Date: 16/12/2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Great job to all those involved, looking foreward to see how it developes. Have a good Xmas and a prosperous New Year.

Full Name: vital  c a

Date: 9 12  2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: keep on the good warck and god bles  s a s  n 4550 1968 to 1973 c a vital

Full Name: Angie Vivier

Date: 09.12.2010

Ex Member: No

Message: I am the ex wife of Frank Vivier who was in the SAS during the war years. I would appreciate it if any communication could be sent to me too. I have recently got onto Facebook and have got in touch with quite a few of Frank and my old friends which has been marvelous. In case you are unaware of this Frank is now living in New Zealand. Regards Angie

Full Name: George Mawby

Date: 30 Nov 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: I can only see this as being a great success.  Excellent stuff guys!!!  Like the other chaps I really look forward to your continued efforts.  Much thanks.

Full Name: Peter Fourie Richards

Date: 29th November 2010

Ex Member: No

Message: Great site, just interested in what my Dad got up to in his younger years. He is John Fourie, still living in South Africa.

Full Name: Ian Stenson

Date: 29 November 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Great Job. Well done. Look forward to our monthly get together as we always meet comeone from the past.

Full Name: Stephanie Moore

Date: 28th November 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: On behalf of my Dad Ralph, it's good to see a web presence ... well done.

Full Name: Phil Tither

Date: 27 November 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: The site is absolutely awesome , i'm sure it will help keep the association strong for many years to come.
To the people who have put in all the obviously enthusiastic
work, congratulations and thankyou
all the best
Phil Tither

Full Name: William (Bill) Toughey

Date: 26 November 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Great to see and recognize some of the individuals. Bit of a bugger this aging process. Good job, professionally done.

Full Name: Harry Davies

Date: 25/11/10

Ex Member: Yes

Message: This is a very good site and I hope it will keep friends old and new in touch.

Full Name: Dale Collett

Date: 25 November 2010

Ex Member: No

Message: Well done The Squadron.  Website looks great.  Kindest regards to all in the Unit where I started my career.  Dale Collett

Full Name: ben greyling

Ex Member: Yes

Message: hi all for those who remember me, very creative, get the nomina sitrep up. Once more congrats.

Full Name: (ben) bc greyling

Date: 24|11|2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: hi guys fantastic brings back memories good & sad, keep the sitreps going. Bc

Full Name: Torty King

Date: 24 November 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Fantastic Website guys-well done! Great reunion this year as well.good to see so many old buddies.Next year's 50th is a definite!

Full Name: John Graham

Date: 24/11/2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: A great site with heaps of potential - keep up the good work

Full Name: Johnny  Masson

Date: 24/11/2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Execellent, a job well done.

Full Name: Iain Scott Bowen

Date: 24.11.2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Great new site guy's. Keep up the good work. Look forward to everyone using it.


Date: 24 November 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Great to have the site back up...worth the wait. Keep up the good work. I have quite a few pics from Hereford reunions if you would like me to send them in just drop me a line.
Looking forward to more pics and to make contact with old comrades.

Full Name: Les Souster

Date: 24 Nov 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Fantastic job guys, it looks really good. I look forward to seeing it grow from strength to strength.

Full Name: Dave Hodgson

Date: 24/11/2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: I attended the renunion this year (2010) with my wife Merlene - first time back in 28 years.  We were very impressed with the high standard of organisation and presentation of the Memorial Service and the quality of the Reunion Dinner at Sibaya.  A credit to the orgainisers and Association a a whole.  Well worth the trip over from Australia.

Fantastic to catch up with so many shamwaris after so long and we'll see you at the 50th Anniversary in 2011.

Website is great fellas, well done!

Warm regards, Dave Hodgson

Full Name: Martin Knight-Willis

Date: 24/11/10

Ex Member: Yes

Message: From packs and parachutes to pensions is the promotion that time awards to all lucky enough to survive the privilege to have served Rhodesia.This impressive website is a fitting 21st century contribution to The Legacy.

Warm regards to all-
Martin Knight-Willis
Auckland NZ.

Full Name: J P (Pete) Marshall

Date: 23 November 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Congratulations on a job well done and to all concerned with the compilation.  Look forward to each update.

Full Name: Deon Lemmer

Date: 2311.10

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Good to see the website has eventually been designed. Well done guys.

Full Name: Paul French

Date: 23 november 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Smashing website. a big thankyou and well done to all concerned.

FullName: Ian Mclean

Date: 23 November 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Well done. Nice website. Also thoroughly well organised Remembrance Weekend and Dinner. Look forward to next year.

Best regards to all

Full Name: Frank Fynn

Date: 23 Nov 2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Looking great! Well done guys!

Full Name: J.W.BEZUIDENHOUT (badgerbez)

Date: 23.10.2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: This is great, well done to all who were involved in setting up the site.

Full Name: Louise Ford nee Berry

Date: 22 November 2010

Ex Member: No

Message: Great to see this site up and running! My dad would have enjoyed going through it I am sure.
Well done!

Full Name: Manuel Carvalho

Date: 20/10/2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message:  What a weekend,the AGM,the Service,and the fantastic tucker,at the Casino,it whas worth the jet lag and all the BS at the airport's well done 'boys"We are indeed a fine bunch of brothers,and that will remain so to the very end of the last one of us,I am proud to say"I am ex Rhodesian C Squadron SAS" (The Pork)

Full Name: Anthony Johnson

Date: 17/11/2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: I really like the new site. Well done, I look forward to seeing how the site develops. Keep up the good work.

Full Name: Rob Holmes

Date: 16/11/2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: This site is really looking good, I have been in contact with a few of the guy's over here. Keep it up.

Full Name: Hennie Schoeman

Date: 15/11/10

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Brilliant web site. Well done all. Stay well and safe.

Full Name: Bates Mare

Date: 10.11.2010

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Brilliant reunion weekend, great to see old friends compliments to all involved in making it happen hope to see you next year